Digital signage is a sub segment of signage, also called dynamic signage and digital sign. Digital signage use technologies such as HD, Android, wifi, 3G/4G, network, indoor, outdoor, lcd, led and projection to display content like text, images, video and audio shown in digital formats over the Digital signage player.
The signage display can be free standing on the floor, mounted on the wall and built into customer's other display equipment.
Different signage displayer is used in different areas, such as chain store, shopping mall, museums, restaurants, airport, hotel, school and buildings.
Our company is the professional manufacturer to help customers to develop, design and make out their idea Digital signage display with OEM logo, provide basic signage publish software free of charge.

Indoor Digital signage features:

  1. Display messages, advertising, news..
  2. Wifi, Android, network/ windows
  4. Can built in with touch screen for information checking.
  5. Small size: 7" 8"9"10.1"14"15"…
  6. Medium size: 18"19"21.5" 27" 29"
  7. Large size: 32"42"55"65"75"84"
  8. Indoor outdoor
  9. Wall mount, stand floor and open frame
  10. Infrared touch screen and capacitive touch screen


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